Eurostick Production
FABRICS CATALOGUE A large catalogue with all the fabrics produced by Eurostick, the result of experience, professionalism and innovation.
Our Collections
SEASONAL COLLECTIONS AND BEACHWEAR Our fabrics meet fashion giving rise to seasonal collections and beachwear.
Fabric processing

In the monitoring and control laboratory we work to meet the most demanding requests of customers and to constantly improve the technical performance of fabrics, since they are subjected to a wide use and are subject to wear and tear in a short time. Technical sports fabrics must ensure a proper muscle compression: in this way the garment will be like a second skin, able to follow the body in every movement to ensure the maximum comfort during the physical activity.

We offer breathable fabrics to keep the skin always fresh and dry and thus counteract the appearance of environments suitable for the development of bacteria and irritation.

Another key feature of sportswear fabrics is to retain and to release the heat according to the body and external temperature. The thermoregulation ability avoids the waste of energy and ensures an improvement the athletic performance.

Some fabrics suitable for sportswear