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FABRICS CATALOGUE A large catalogue with all the fabrics produced by Eurostick, the result of experience, professionalism and innovation.
Our Collections
SEASONAL COLLECTIONS AND BEACHWEAR Our fabrics meet fashion giving rise to seasonal collections and beachwear.
Fabric processing
Contract manufacturing

Eurostick’s experience and expertise at the service of customers

Eurostick performs different types of processing for third parties, which allow to offer a quality service and textile products treated in detail.
Our 50 year experience allows us to create a wide variety of products by using advanced machineries, highly qualified staff and a flexible production process for the most diverse sectors.

The combination of skills, tradition and research and development has allowed our company to establish itself on the European market.

In the field of fashion and clothing it is a common practice that we are entrusted with some or all of the stages of the production process to be able to create every year modern and captivating lines of the highest quality and able to meet every need.

The careful selection of raw materials, the products quality, the study and the continuous research are at the basis of Eurostick. Relying on Eurostick for the bonding and the finishing of fabrics brings a significant number of benefits:

  • Cost Saving
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Constant service and maintenance
  • Possibility to have a production of quantities higher than our standard to meet all market needs in the most comprehensive way.

Bonded fabrics

The bonding department is our flagship.
For over 50 years we have produced high-quality bonded fabrics. Our know-how and our cutting-edge laboratory guarantee the quality of our products as we offer custom-made fabrics, express delivery and technical assistance.
Our classic types of machineries have calenders with acrylic and water-soluble glue, with the addition of hot melt adhesives of the latest generation that are able to meet the requests of the most demanding customers.


We also offer three different fabric finishing services, in order to improve their characteristics

  • Water Repellent: a treatment which allows to obtain water-repellent and oil-repellent fabrics
  • Rameuse: a treatment to heat fix the fabric before dyeing and to dry the fabric after dyeing and other wet treatments.
  • Sanforization: a compaction process that gives the fabric a controlled compressive shrinkage to neutralize any deformation caused by the previous stages of processing.