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Finishing & dyeing processes

Goal S.p.A is a dynamic, versatile and expert reality in the Italian dyeing scene, specialized in the processing of woven and knit fabrics for third parties.

The company was born as a cotton dyeing & finishing house, connected with the underwear sector. Over the last few years, Goal S.p.A. has managed to adapt and has become an important company also in other sectors, such as the sportswear industry, bonded & sizer fabrics and fashion fabrics. Goal S.p.A. treats with the same love and expertise polyester, polyamide, polypropylene fibres, viscose, micro modal, cotton and wool too, with and without elastomeric fibre.

Since 1994 the company is part of Eurostick for functional chemical finishing (hydrophilic, hydrophobic, bacteriostatic, etc.) and mechanical finishing (gauze, emery, shearing, sanforization, etc.).

Goal S.p.A has two internal laboratories, which are dedicated and independent: the former for colours development, the latter for the control of fabrics’ physical characteristics (stability, solidity, elasticity, resistance, pilling, etc.), besides the regular control of fabrics (smearing and mapping).