Eurostick was established in 1971 as a family-run business specialized in the lamination of fabrics and foams for the underwear use.

In our local area, back in those years, there were many large multinational companies working in this sector that needed external competent partners to collaborate with.
As a result, Eurostick was established and for more than 40 years it has maintained a reputation of excellence in the production of fabrics and in providing quality service to its customers.

Eurostick’s growth was initiated because there was the need to plan and to better control the quality of fabrics used for garments. With many investments over the years, Eurostick has equipped its plant with a state of the art knitting mill that includes circular looms of different gauges and diameters. We also have a weaving warp department, which is exclusively used for the production of knitted fabrics for lamination and underwear.
We produce knitted fabrics in cotton, polyamide, polyester and artificial fibers, with and without elasticity.

In 1994 Eurostick faced another ambitious investment as the company took over Goal SpA, a dyeing & finishing house, thus achieving the aim of becoming a vertically integrated and independent company.

Eurostick has always been able to innovate and change, maintaining the size, strength and versatility that has always characterized it as an Italian, family-run company, mainly focused on the European market.
Every year we present two collections of fabrics for underwear and outerwear and one collection exclusively for beachwear.
Last but not least, in addition to the traditional knitted and laminated fabrics, Eurostick offers printed fabrics, pleated and a range of complementary fashion items.



Authorization to use the Oeko-Tex® mark


The future is on Research and Quality

In 2017, Eurostick opened a new laboratory for Quality Control and Research & Development.

The decision to invest in a new laboratory confirmed the company idea to supply fabrics always following customers’ standards and to develop new fabrics technologically advanced.

The standard step for our Quality Control is to receive customer requirements, to match them with fabric test and to send the fabric for approval to customers.

The main analysis that our new laboratory offers are: standard analysis (weight, dimensional stability, heigth, elasticity, rubbing resistance and colour fastness) where we add: water repellence test, delamination test, transpirability test, thermal insulation and colour control with ad hoc machinery.

Our significant investments on Quality and Research confirm the goal of “Tecnique serving fashion”.