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FABRICS CATALOGUE A large catalogue with all the fabrics produced by Eurostick, the result of experience, professionalism and innovation.
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SEASONAL COLLECTIONS AND BEACHWEAR Our fabrics meet fashion giving rise to seasonal collections and beachwear.
Fabric processing

Eurostick is a company specialized in the design and production of fabrics.

For over 50 years we have been producing high-quality technical fabrics, guaranteed by a solid know-how, customization of the finished product, fast delivery times and constant maintenance and assistance, even after the sales phase. Respecting all the quality standards and researching new fabrics and innovative technologies are the tasks of our research & development laboratory in which, moreover, we define the various characteristics of the fabrics with the customer.
We are recognized at European level for the development of bonded fabrics, finishings, prints, ink-jets, special processes, inserts and accessories. We aim to a wide variety of sectors, from underwear and corsetry – the sector that saw us born in 1971 – to technical sportswear, beachwear and others.

Technique at the service of fashion

Since 1971 Eurostick has been looking to the future with a top-level quality service and a continuous innovation process.

Technique at the service of fashion: this is the key thought that has guided us for over 50 years. We address the market with:

  • High quality
  • Careful selection of raw materials
  • Handcrafted care
  • Innovative and unique products
  • Listening and respecting the customer
  • Continuous and targeted investments

Since 1994, with the takeover of the dye house Goal Spa, we have become a verticalized and autonomous company for dyeing and finishing processes.

The Quality Control and Research & Development Laboratory, introduced in 2017, allows us to respect the highest quality standards, as well as researching new technologically advanced fabrics and defining the various characteristics of the fabrics requested by the customers.

From 1971 till now: the history of Eurostick

In 1971 Eurostick was established as a family business specialized in the lamination of fabrics for corsetry. An Italian family-owned company that has always approached the European market with solidity and versatility, with the result of a great growth in a short time.

As a matter of fact, within a few years we became fabrics manufacturers, in order to satisfy the need to plan and to better control the quality of both circular and warp-knitted fabrics.

Over the years, with the increasing diversification of the typologies of fabrics with different diameters and gauges (in cotton, polyamide, polyester, artificial fibres, with and without elastomers, etc.), Eurostick decided to make an ambitious investment: in 1994 took over Tintoria Goal, thus allowing for a greater verticalization of the dyeing and finishing processes.)

Years of investment, new development and great expansion in order to put technology at the service of fashion, with the result of maintaining a top-level quality service. We have always invested in the future, that’s why in the last 15 years we have completely renewed the department dedicated to the lamination of fabrics, introducing the latest generation hot-melt systems and calenders for the application of cutting-edge thermo-adhesives.

Today Eurostick is mainly established in the following sectors:

  • Underwear, corsetry, and sleepwear, which represent the most historic sectors of our specialization.
  • Beachwear, with transfer and ink-jet prints and special processes.
  • Technical lamination for sports, footwear, clothing, furniture, industrial and medical industries.