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FABRICS CATALOGUE A large catalogue with all the fabrics produced by Eurostick, the result of experience, professionalism and innovation.
Our Collections
SEASONAL COLLECTIONS AND BEACHWEAR Our fabrics meet fashion giving rise to seasonal collections and beachwear.
Fabric processing
Bonded fabrics

The bonding department is our flagship

For over 50 years we have produced high-quality bonded fabrics.
Our know-how and our cutting-edge laboratory guarantee the quality of our products as we offer custom-made fabrics, express delivery and technical assistance.

Our classic types of machinery have calenders with acrylic and water-soluble glue, with the addition of hot melt adhesives of the latest generation that are able to meet the requests of the most demanding customers.

Fifty years of experience in this sector have allowed us to become one of the leading companies for the bonding of fabrics in technical clothing, sportswear, underwear, furniture and healthcare.

The Hot Melt machineries are multi-purpose systems in every field of application and are used for the bonding of different types of fabrics and nonwovens, the use of reactive polyurethanes allows the bonding of various types of material.

The bonding process takes place through the use of multiple specific types of glue on one of the fabrics and the subsequent step on calender of a second fabric.

Bonding can be done with our fabrics or the fabrics of the customer, with the possibility of adding technically advanced products, such as:

  • PU membrane transparent, elastic, windproof, waterproof and breathable
  • PL membrane transparent, elastic, windproof, waterproof and breathable, suitable for 3-layer fabrics for sublimation printing
  • PTFE non elastic membrane with characteristics of high breathability and imperceptible hand
  • MTP flexible polyurethane foam of various densities and thicknesses