The chain loom produces technical fabrics in polyamide and polyester without elasticity in different weaves and weights.
These products are used as a base for laminating and bonding for outerwear accessories or general-products fabric.
Stock is available in basic colors: white, black and ecru, ready for dyeing.


The LAMINATING DEPARTMENT has always been the flagship of Eurostick S.p.A.
For over 40 years we have produced high quality laminated fabrics based on our strong technical know-how and expertise. We are able to customize the finished product, offer quick delivery and provide speedy assistance, supported by a dedicated and competent staff.

We offer our customers traditional machines fitted with cylinders that work with acrylic and water-soluble glue. In addition, HOT MELT is the latest technology that meets the demands of our discerning customers, thanks to the many “points” and “helical” cylinders.

Eurostick S.p.A. looks to the future with optimism and targeted investments in order to achieve our ultimate goal: to provide high quality, carefully selected raw materials, well crafted, innovative and unique products, always respecting and considering our customer.

We offer traditional items for underwear items like technical knits, padding with wadding and foam, all high quality and reliable.


Our strength: Versatility!
For the fashion apparel industry, we customize fabrics on demand: we offer our customers a unique and inimitable product.


For the active-wear industry, we are very attentive to quality performance and technology. We offer specific items, such as membranes made of polyurethane, polyester and PTFE, of various weights.
Our laboratory monitors and controls every step of the way and is able to respond to the demands of our discerning customers.


EuroStick also offers a FINISHING SERVICE:

• Brushing machine
• Raising machine
• Napping machine
• Sanfor machine
• Calendering machine
• Rameuse


Goal S.p.A. is a very young, dynamic, versatile and competent business in the Italian Textile Industry, specialized in the dyeing of knitted fabrics.

Originally founded as a Dyeing & Finishing company that primarily worked with cotton in the underwear industry, it has transformed over time and become an integral support in other areas, such as technical sportswear, products for lamination and / or coating and fashion fabrics. It has the ability and expertise to treat fibers of polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, viscose, micro modal, cotton and wool (with and without elastic).

We offer a chemical finishing; hydrophilic, hydrophobic, bacteria-static, etc. and a mechanical finishing (brushing, emerizing, sanforizing machine etc.)

We have two laboratories that are dedicated and independent: One laboratory for the world of colors and the other one for controlling the physical characteristics of finished fabrics; stability, strength, elasticity, resistance, pilling etc. In addition, we regularly speculate and map the fabrics.

Transparency is one of our main characteristics and our customers can control and monitor their order on-line and in real-time in order to organize their schedules and production.