Is the area where Eurostick start more than 45 years ago with the lamination of fabrics and foam for bra padding.

Today we are recognised as reliable supplier for:

  • Fabrics in natural fibers as cotton, modal and viscose;
  • Fabrics in polyammide or polyester fibres;
  • Printed fabrics and fabrics with different finishing (shiny, peach touch etc.)
  • Warp-knitted fabrics as marquisette and charmeuse with different finishing;
  • Lamination of fabrics and foam.


Is the area where we are develg, year afteveloping, year after year, successfull collection well recognized within our customers:

  • Polyester fabrics from 100 gr to more than 180 gr;
  • Transfer and ink jet print proposal from our style office following market trends and customers request;
  • Light fabrics with various finishing and print for pareo matching with print and colour from swimwear;
  • Suede-like and peach hand fabrics with colour card and printable.


For the casual wear area we offer:

  • Fabrics with natural fibers with and without elastan and various weight;
  • Fabrics in synthetic fibers with and without elastan and various weight;
  • Laminated fabrics with and without membrane (Polyurethane and PTFE);
  • Fabrics with water repellent treatment;



Our proposal for sportswear customer is the lamination service using our fabrics or customer fabrics with membrane in polyurethane or PTFE.


Our fabrics laminated with moltoprene foam are used to make various hand bag options and pc/ Ipad protections. The possibility to have colour options, printing and shape is an interesting advantage for our customers.