Since february 2017 Eurostick achieves a new Quality and Research/Development laboratory.

The investments reconfirm the will of the company providing the quality standard of his fabrics, defined with its customers and the research of new technologically advanced fabrics.

Our quality control provides the definition of the features required with the customer, the matching with the characteristics found on the fabrics and the post-approval of the fabric.

The main analyzes proposed in the new laboratory, in addition to practice audits (weight, dimensional stability, height detection, elasticity, spatter resistance and color strength), provide water resistance tests for water repellent tissue treatments, delamination tests On coupled fabrics, breathability, thermal coefficient, fabric flexure wear, air permeability, yarn analysis and color control with ad hoc instrumentation.

The consolidation of quality control and R & D is a further step to confirm the company’s commitment to pursuing the goal of “fashion service”